5 Reasons Why TV Advertising Is Still Very Effective

Though the digital advertising solutions have saturated the advertising market, the TV advertising still dominates the market. It is still the most effective medium for advertising products or services. Here are the major reasons for its popularity.

Massive reach

There is no other advertising medium that can reach so many audiences within such a short time. TV advertising accounts for a majority portion of TV viewing. Millions of people watch TV every day. So, they are being exposed to TV advertisements whenever they tune in to watch a programme.

Word of mouth

If you watch a good TV advertisement you will talk about it probably to your friends or colleagues. This way others also feel compelled to watch the advertisement. So, you get more reach and the advertisement creates a lasting image on the people’s mind.


TV advertisements are highly responsive. You will get the consumers’ reaction instantly. For example, if they didn’t like your ad then there is no need to broadcast the ad during prime time. You can shift it to other time and save money. You can also measure your performance every minute.


TV ads can create long-lasting emotion. It is a great way to connect your brand with emotions. But in such case, you need to be very creative and be careful not to stir any negative emotion.


Though TV advertisement is expensive, but in the long run, it pays off. It can reach a wide number of audiences compared to other media. So, unit cost is much less than the other forms of advertisements.

TV advertising can increase brand visibility. If done properly, it can create trust. You should try to come up with a creative TV advertisement to create a positive emotion on people’s mind.

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