Top 4 Misconceptions About TV Advertising

Though the digital advertising solutions have saturated the advertising market, the TV advertising still dominates the market. It is still the most effective medium for advertising products or services. Here are the major reasons for its popularity.

Massive reach

When we think of TV commercials, we usually think of the commercial of a big brand. But there are some ads for small brands that may create a special effect in our mind. Investing lots of money in TV advertising doesn’t mean that your advertisement will be a successful one. You should do a lot of thinking before creating a TV advertisement. Here are some misconceptions about TV advertising that you should know about.

Think big only

It is a misconception that you need to put lots of advertisements over lots of channels in order to grab the audiences’ attention. Some even choose just one channel to broadcast ads very frequently. But this way you will have to spend lots of money and most companies cannot afford to spend that amount of money. Instead, a better approach would be to choose one popular programme that many people watch.

Use only TV

TV advertising is effective. But now you must include other forms of advertising as well to get better results. So, along with TV ads, you should invest in website ads, blog ads, etc. Only depending on the TV advertisement to create brand awareness and improve the brand image is a misconception.


It is another misconception that producing video is very expensive. The cost of video production has actually gone down. You can create videos for a much less amount now.

ROI cannot be measured

Many people think that the ROI on TV advertisements cannot be measured. But in reality, it is possible. You can include a promotional code in your advertisement and ask to mention it during the purchase of product or service. So, when a consumer will purchase it using the promotional code you will know that the customer is here because he or she has seen your ad.

You should be aware of these misconceptions related to TV advertising. That way you will be able to design TV advertisements more effectively. It will also help you to set up a budget and allocate the right spot to broadcast your ad.

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